Intrust Super Cup Preview

Round One - North Ipswich Reserve



Overall Record – Ipswich 6 Townsville 6


2019 – Townsville 14 Ipswich 6 (Townsville)
2019 – Townsville 34 Ipswich 6 (Ipswich)
2018 – Jets 32 Townsville 12 (Townsville)
2018 – Townsville 22 Ipswich 14 (Townsville)
2018 – Ipswich 20 Townsville 18 (Ipswich)


Round one is here and football is back for 2020 in Ipswich. The Jets and Blackhawks have clashed five times at the North Ipswich Reserve. Our northern foes are ahead three wins to two. The Jets have not beaten the Townsville Blackhawks in Ipswich since round two in 2018. Overall the Jets and Blackhawks are dead even at six wins each since 2015. These two teams have had some high scoring games over the years in their 12 clashes the Jets having scored 264 points and the Blackhawks 281. The games have worked out close to even over five years.

The Jets average 22 and the Blackhawks 23.  The Jets have scored 44 tries in their 12 games while the Blackhawks have jagged 49. The Jets have had 20 try scorers while the Blackhawks have had 32.  The Jets have played three trial games, against Ipswich Brothers, Souths Logan and Sunshine Coast while the Blackhawks have had the Pride and Mackay.


The battle of the forward packs


The Blackhawks have a forward pack that will keep other teams awake at night. Big strong skilful men that can offload and continue the ball movement, love playing off the back of short, flat balls, and roll over teams.


Power played for the Queensland Residents in 2019 and had a break out year with 25 games and 10 tries as well as Blackhawks forward and player’ player of the year. The Jets will need to put a stop to his angled runs on the right hand side and any flat ball will find Power and then it’s a matter of how far those legs can keep pumping. Power’s try against the Residents last year was classic, set up and took the short ball on the right and just kept twisting and turning his big frame until he got over the line. He finished the game with four tackle breaks. If the Jets go up, turn in, and do not get good contract on him they will be chasing him and only have about 8m to get him back.


Gilbert should have limited time in ISC this year, few early games to remind Paul Green what a monster he is and that should be enough. Unfortunately, for the Jets we play the Blackhawks round one.

Gilbert scored the first try against the Jets in round one last year and it was Gilbert just running hard. He finished round one last year with 40 tackles and 170m of hit up carnage-, that damage was done in 58 minutes.

Gilbert’s Residents game was like watching the big kid that has wandered into the younger grade’s playground- 37 minutes for 132 meters.


The Blackhawks hooker is vital to how their play starts, he gives great service and the space he provides let the Blackhawks play very flat.

Chudleigh played his most ISC games since 2015 in 2019 he started slowly off the bench but by round 11 was playing 80 minutes and hooker causing havoc with his running game. Chudleigh had 35 tackle breaks from 18 games.

Chudleigh seemed to flourish under the guidance of hooking super star and Blackhawks coach Aaron Payne.


The Jets are a bit of an unknown quantity in 2020. They have lost players but that is just where Ipswich like to be. Sure, come to the “Swich” and take us lightly. New coach and new players but still representing the engine room of league in Queensland.


The Jets may have lost some troops for 2020 but if this was a scene from an apocalyptic movie and no one is left but Neale and the Blackhawks. Neale would still say I will take the first hit up and he would make ground too.

Neale won his fifth Allan Langer Medal for the Jets best and will lead the Jets again this season. Neale loves a right hand carry and if he gets his arm free, he can cause problems. Neale is a captain and minutes machine, he played the full 80 minutes 16 times last season in a mammoth effort. Neale can come from anywhere on the field and the Blackhawks will know he is the Jets Allan Border- he has to be stopped.


The young tyro will come into his second year after playing 17 games last year and winning the Jets rookie of the year ready to complement 2019 with a big 2020.

Lenehan will need to revel in the contact and match the Blackhawks for aggression but what a great test for the young forward. Lenehan had a great game against Townsville last season and made 22 tackles off the bench with zero misses.


The old bull is entering season number 14 in the ISC, with that comes nearly 200 games of footwork and power through the line.

Tyson is stronger than he has ever been before and is ready to meet this round one Townsville pack head on.

Tyson hasn’t played since round 8 after his foot injury and will be ready to go bigger and better with his mate Nat Neale in 2020.

I will be looking for that big step back and through in the first five minutes.


Two great packs, a late afternoon start at Ipswich, it does not get too much better in March than football being back.

The Jets will need to start well, in the past starting well has upset the Blackhawks rhythm. They are a side like the Storm that like to settle in and just roll.

In the Jets v Townville first ever clash the Jets scored four first half tries and were up 26-0 after 40 minutes. Game number two- Jets up 24-10 at half time.

In round two 2018, Jets led 12-0 and 69% of the ball at half time, round 18 2018 Jets were up 14-4 at half time and in the finals 2018 the Jets had 65% of the ball and won 32-12.

Start hard, start fast, and watch these two packs sort it all out on Saturday.

Saturday 14th March 2020
North Ipswich Reserve
Gates Open at 1pm
Red Hill Hire Mal Meninga Cup – 2:10pm
USQ Colts – 3:50pm
Savige Pest Control Ipswich Jets – 5:30pm