Barefoot Rugby League Show Senior Club of the Year!

From Steven Johnson (Chairman of the Board – R T Edwards Ipswich Jets)

I am very proud to announce that the R T Edwards Ipswich Jets is the Barefoot Rugby League Show senior club of the year!

The Barefoot Rugby League Show considered that the R T Edwards Ipswich Jets was far and away the rugby league club that contributed most to the development of Indigenous players and the Indigenous community in season 2011.

This unexpected recognition of the humanity within our club is more important than any on field success and is the reason I would expect that we are so passionate about our club and what sets us apart from other clubs.

In particular in accepting this award we acknowledge the leadership and hard work of Keiron Lander and Ian Lacey who have been beacons in guiding the club over the past year and making us all the more determined to make sure we do all we can as club to close the disgraceful 17 year life expectancy gap between Indigenous and other Australians.

The trophy in the photograph is the jumper worn by Matt Bowen in the NAIDOC round this year autographed by Matt. It is a very special jumper as it was also badged to commemorate the life of Sam Faust who lost his battle with leukaemia and died aged just 26 in May this year. RIP Sam.

This is a proud day for the mighty R T Edwards Ipswich Jets.