Game review Round 3

CQ Capras v Ipswich Jets on Saturday, March 21 at Browne Park – 6pm

CQ Capras

1. Javarn White 2. Tarrant Mariner 3. Russell Webber 4. Ian Webster 5. Ha’Ofanga Rabakewa 6. Matt Minto 7. Russ Aitken 8. Peter Gallen 9. Josh Mitchell 10. Fabian Soutar 11. Garrett Field 12. Guy Williams (c) 13. Gavin Hiscox 14. Aaron Watson 21. Gerrard Tema 16. Chris Stolk 24. Andrew Dale 18. Jonas Pearson

Coach: Jason Hetherington

Ipswich Jets

1. Wes Conlon 2. Marmin Barba 3. Chris Walker 4. Nemani Valekapa 5. Carlin Anderson 6. Josh Cleeland 7. Dane Phillips 8. Kurtis Lingwoodock 9. Matt Parcell 10. Rod Griffin 11. Sam Martin 12. Kurt Capewell 13. Keiron Lander (c) 14. Josh Seage 15. Troy O’Sullivan 16. Billy McConnachie 17. Liam Capewell 18. Fakahoko Teutau

Coach: Ben Walker and Shane Walker

Head-to-Head: Ipswich 23 Central 11 Drawn 1

Last time they met:

Round 20 2014.

IPSWICH JETS 34 (Javarn White 2, Carlin Anderson, Dane Phillips, Marmin Barba, Matt Parcell tries; Marmin Barba 4, Brendon Marshall goals) def CQ CAPRAS 14 (Smith Samau, Rhys Williams, Corey Oates tries; Ian Webster goal) at Browne Park.

Round 3, 2015.

The Central Queensland Capras find themselves in a similar position to the Ipswich Jets; having won 1 from two games.

The Capras started the year with a good win against the Bears but then last week came up against a Souths side running riot and lost 48-12.

The Capras have now let in nearly twice as many tries as they have scored and will need to arrest a worrying defensive effort that’s seen 11 tries leak through and only six scored in return. The Capras are averaging 31 points against a game compared to the Jets 21.

The Central Queensland team are a big side that will have to counter-act the fast moving Jets’ side and their swift ball movement.

Against Souths the Capras couldn’t handle the Magpies on the fringe and then the Magpies started coming through the middle.

On the fringe the Capras will have to contend with Daniel Vidot who made some strong runs against the Blackhawks on the left hand side linking well with Nemani Valekapa. Vidot made a staggering 157 meters while Nemani gained 156 meters for the Jets.

The Capras best attacking weapon Javarn White will be no stranger to the Ipswich Jets having played 66 games for the Jets and also becoming a huge part of the Jets attack from fullback.

The Capras go-to attackers are half Matt Minto and White at the back. While Minto will be the main kicker for Central Queensland; in general play against Souths he completed 11 of the Capras 15 kicks.

Peter Gallen is a great defensive player for the Capras and has made 32 and 31 tackles so far this year for only 2 misses from the first two rounds.

What the Capras always seem to do is start games in a rush, they come out at the start of each half ready to go. The Jets will need to weather that storm and then return with points of their own.

Both games this year for the Jets have seen them start with complete dominance, against Wynnum it was 10-0 at half time and against the Blackhawks 26-0 at half time. The problems have started after half time where they’ve let their opponents score 42 points in the second half with Wynnum scoring 18 in round 1 and the Blackhawks 24 in round two. While the Jets have scored a combined 16 over both second halves.

The Jets need to improve their second half performances.

Matt Parcell was back to his best last week against Townsville, bringing his forwards onto the ball and creating space for them. Parcell has become a master at picking the right time to run. Parcell ran 16 times into the Blackhawks defence for two tries and 152 meters; as well as 32 tackles.

Rod Griffin was back to his damaging best with 196 meters of hard fought ground allowing the Jets to attack off the back of his hard work.

The Jets suffered several injuries last week with captain Kerion Lander and Marmin Barba having to be replaced at times during the game.

Jets’ Milestones

· Carlin Anderson – needs 2 points for 50 for Ipswich Jets.

· Dane Phillips needs 6 points for 50 for Ipswich Jets.

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