Ipswich Jets V Norths Devils Saturday 25th July 3pm

Intrust Super Cup teams Round 20

Ipswich Jets v Norths Devils at North Ipswich Reserve on Saturday, July 25 – 3pm

Ipswich Jets: 1. Carlin Anderson 2. Marmin Barba 3. Chris Walker 4. Nemani Valekapa 5. Brandon McGrady 6. Josh Cleeland 7. Dane Phillips (c) 8. Josh Seage 9. Landon Hayes 10. Rod Griffin 11. Joseph Ofahengaue 12. Kurt Capewell 13. Richard Pandia 14. Fakahoko Teutau 15. Kurtis Lingwoodock 16. Billy McConnachie 17. Liam Capewell

Coach: Ben Walker and Shane Walker

Norths Devils: 1. Dylan Galloway 2. Michael Lucas 3. Joel Bailey 4. Ryan Millard 5. Rogan Dean 6. Dan Murphy 7. Liam Tyson 8. Matt Mizzi 9. Byron Creighton 10. Brett Greinke (c) 11. Rhett Webster 12. Hiale Roycroft 13. Krys Freeman 14. Will McNee 16. Kristian Wanka 20. Dylan Smith 17. Billy Solah

Head to Head: Norths 23 Ipswich 13 Drawn 2

Round 6 2015

The first time these two teams clashed this year it was the Jets getting home 24-16 in a close game at Bishop Park. The Jets scored early and then it took another 30 minutes for another try to present itself. At 18-18 the Jets then went length of the field to win 24-18.

IPSWICH JETS 24 (Carlin Anderson, Nemani Valekapa, Brandon McGrady, Dane Phillips tries; Carlin Anderson 4 goals) def NORTHS DEVILS 18 (Krys Freeman, Brett Greinke, Max Seumanutafa tries; Sam Foster 3 goals) at Bishop Park.

Round 20 2015

The Jets made the trek to Wynnum last week and things were looking bleak; the Jets had lost their third spot to Wynnum, no Sam Martin, no Keiron Lander, and no Marmin Barba who hasn’t played now for over a month.

The Jets had won twice at Wynnum since 2008 and had two draws. So it has never proven too happy a place to play for the Jets.

Under the tutelage of Ben and Shane Walker since 2010 the Jets had won 5 and lost 5 with two draws against Wynnum.

The Jets overcame all this and a hostile Wynnum Chook Pen baying for blood as well as an 8 point half time deficit. This was only the third half in two seasons and the second this year that the Jets had been held scoreless.

The Jets record their 13th win of the season to go back to third place.

The Jets will need to overcome a not too flattering record against Norths as well this week. Norths have won 11 and the Jets 6 at the North Ipswich Reserve; including a draw. Norths have also won the last three games at the Jets’ home.

After two weeks on the road the Jets return to the North Ipswich Reserve where they’ve won 6 of 8 games this year. The Devils haven’t won away from home since round 1 against the Sunshine Coast and haven’t won a game since May 10 against Central Queensland in Round 8.

The Jets have scored 554 points this year and have cracked the century of tries last week. While Norths have scored 252 points and 46 tries. That’s a sizable advantage to the Jets of 54 tries.

In defence the Jets have allowed 384 points and 73 tries while the Devils have 103 tries and 572 points. That again is the advantage to the Jets by 30 tries and 188 points.

The Devils are coming off a draw against Souths; the Devils had the game locked up and allowed four straight tries to the Magpies. The Devils goal line defence will need to improve this week if they’re to hold out the Jets.

The Devils will also be looking to stop the offload, the Jets off-loaded the ball 25 times against Wynnum. With Rod Griffin and Nemani Valekapa topping the list with 5 offloads each.

The last two weeks the Devils have had the use of Broncos’ players Kodi Nikorima and Dale Copley. With the suspension of Jack Reed the Devils will lose Copley this week; he has scored three tries the last two weeks for the Devils and will be missed.

The Broncos have also named Kodi Nikorima in place of Jets’ Matt Parcell who can’t play for the Broncos again unless an injury occurs due to salary cap pressure.

Parcell will return to the Jets where he has played 11 games this year. Landon Hayes has been outstanding and has given the Jets another option but could be the unlucky one to miss out.

Even though he has missed 7 games while with the Broncos; Parcell was still the Jets top tackler with 444 tackles at 97% effective. Until the Wynnun game when Rod Griffin didn’t just do a mountain of work he moved the mountain; 41 tackles takes Griffin past Parcell and to 459 tackles this season with 32 misses.

Norths’ hooker Krys Freeman is the focal point for a lot of Norths’ attack and will need to be watched by the Jets’ markers through-out the game. He scored a try when the Jets clocked off earlier this year and the Jets will need to pressure him and not assume he is going to pass.

Freeman will do it all for the Devils; against the Magpies last week he ran the ball 14 times, made 129 metres for his team, two off-loads, 1 line-break, and 26 tackles with 4 kicks in play.

Local boy Brett Greinke sets the bar high for work ethic; Greinke is a young captain and like Cameron Smith before him at Norths is a great leader who leads by doing plenty of work in a no-fuss way. Against Souths; Greinke played 54 minutes and made 28 tackles with no misses.

The Jets will again be without Sam Martin, he is stranded on 99 games for another three weeks of suspension. The Jets will also need to make do without captain Keiron Lander who has a broken hand. Dane Phillips will again captain the Jets in Lander’s absence.

Marmin Barba has been missing now since the 20th of June against the Central Queensland Capras. Barba has been named this week and will have his long awaited return to the Jets.

Marmin is chasing two Jets’ records; he is currently on 17 tries and needs 6 tries to take the most tries for a year off Donald Malone which currently stands on 22 and needs four tries to be the Jets’ fifth leading try scorer. Marmin is currently on 39 tries from 36 games for the Jets.

The Jets had the use of Broncos’ players Joe Ofenghaue and Daniel Vidot last week. Vidot was strong for the Jets playing the 80 minutes, making 17 runs, 193 metres, 3 off-loads, 2 line-breaks and 3 tackles. While Ofenghaue played 36 minutes, 10 hit ups, 123 metres and 1 offload with 19 tackles and 0 misses.

Daniel Vidot has a broken hand and will require surgery and six weeks off football.

The Jets missed a season low 21 tackles against the Seagulls. This is the sort of defence they will be looking to replicate this week against the Devils.

Two points scoring milestones are on offer for the Jets this week; Chris Walker needs 8 points for 300 Intrust Super Cup points. Walker has 63 tries and 20 goals from 63 games while Carlin Anderson needs 12 points for 200 career points, from 36 games Anderson has 25 tries and 44 goals.

Jets’ half and captain Dane Phillips also needs two points for 100 Intrust Super Cup points.

The Jets hung in there last week against the Seagulls and persisted in the second half doing what they do well. This week will be another hurdle to overcome. This is essentially a four point game with the Jets having the bye next week. The Jets will return from the break to face two juggernauts in the Hunters and the Blackhawks. The Jets will be keen to get the four points and prepare for a huge fortnight.