Jets to give mothers a day to remember

THANKS MUM: Ipswich Jets players (from left) Kurtis Lingwoodock, with his mum Susan Chapman, and Dane Phillips, with his mother Lee Phillips. The players will be wearing pink in today’s Queensland Cup match against Central Capras at the North Ipswich Reserve.David NielsenWHILE the Ipswich Jets battle it out with the Central Capras this afternoon, all mums and women will be catered for off the field. The Jets are using the day to mark Mother’s Day and support the Kim Walters Choices Program with an afternoon of pampering and indulgence. Women can enjoy canapés, wine and a massage while there will be a skin care therapist, make-up artist and hair stylist to offer advice. It is typical of the Jets and how they look after not only the players, but their families. That’s why Susan Chapman and Lee Phillips are happy their sons play at the club. Susan is the mum of Jets forward Kurtis Lingwoodock while Lee is the mother of Jets halfback Dane Phillips. The Phillips hail from Kiama, on the NSW south coast, where Dane’s parents still live. It is a long way from Ipswich but they still make the trip every year for Mother’s Day and Lee is happy her son joined the club. “I thought it was a good career move,” she said. Susan and Lee will enjoy the club’s Mother’s Day treatment today and fully appreciate what the club does for both them and their sons. “The Walker boys have been terrific,” Lee said. “They look after the boys and have dinner with them. “They’re real country boys at heart. If the boys are happy, they play better. And they’re happy to come to training. “You can see they’re all chatting and laughing. “They have a good time and the club is really supportive if a player gets injured.” Susan can see it rubbing off on the players in a way that breeds loyalty to the club and helps them enjoy each other’s company – just like a family. That, in turn, brings the families of the players together and friendships are made, like those of Lee and Susan. “It brings the footy families together,” she said. Ipswich Queensland TimesTopics: mother’s day