Jets seething over ‘tactics’

(Thanx to Jay Buchan and the QT)

IPSWICH Jets co-coach Ben Walker will report what he described as Easts Tigers’ “crusher tackle” tactics to the Queensland Rugby League following his team’s 28-20 loss at Langlands Park yesterday.

The former NRL player was seething last night at tackles he described as “not in the spirit of the game”.

Walker confirmed his club would take the issue to the QRL after three Jets players received neck injuries during the match.

The crusher tackle, most notably used by the Melbourne Storm, is one of a number of tackles outlawed by the NRL in recent years due to the chance of serious injury.

During a crusher tackle, the defender uses their upper body to put pressure on the head or neck of the opponent they are tackling, often resulting in neck pain or back spasms.

“I’m very disappointed in the way Easts approached the game,” Walker told the QT.

“They are big on the outlawed NRL crusher tackle. They are very big on the wrestle but we took note of it (crusher) in the FOGS game before us and it continued in our game.

“I’m not sure I’d sleep that well knowing I’d broken someone’s neck if it went that far.”

Rowan Winterfield, Tyson Lofipo and captain Keiron Lander all finished the game with neck complaints. The trio will have to undergo fitness tests before being considered for Friday night’s home game against Mackay.

The Jets trailed 12-nil early in the game before storming back to lead by four points midway through the second half.

Two late tries to the Tigers gave the home side a crucial win against another mid-table rival.

“They deserved the game, they played a tough game but we were just disappointed in some of the tactics,” Walker said.

“We’re just disappointed that firstly teams play that way and secondly are allowed to get away with it.

“When you are mucking around with someone’s head and neck, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured.”

Tigers assistant coach Craig Ingebrigsten denied any suggestion his team was involved in illegal or dangerous tactics.

“We would probably refute that,” Ingebrigsten said when told of Walker’s post-match claims.

“We play within the rules of the game. We don’t coach our players to do that. The referees are there to officiate that sort of thing.

“At the end of the day, we weren’t penalised so I don’t believe we played outside the rules.”

In addition to the three players with neck complaints, the Jets are sure to lose fullback Javarn White for the match against the Cutters after he injured his ribs.

Ian Lacey and Kurtis Lingwoodock are also under injury clouds following yesterday’s costly loss for the Jets.