The Legacy of Heroes in memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example

For a Jets’ record 258 games the Luxury Paint Ipswich Jets’ number 13 belonged to one man, Jet number 310 Danny Coburn. Danny was the leader of the Jets on and off the field during his 13 year career at the Jets. Coburn set the standard in work ethic and dedication at training and in games. Danny’s trade was concrete and his physical exterior was made of the same stuff that he laid during the day from early in the morning.

Coburn made his debut on the 14 March 1998 against Toowoomba from then till the end of his career in 2010 he remained an automatic selection for the Jets. Coburn became captain of the Jets in 2004 playing in two Grand Finals in 2002 and the heart breaking loss in 2008 against the Souths Magpies. He represented Country and Queensland Residents but his deeds and passion for the Ipswich Jets are where his legendary name was made.

When you speak to rivals of Coburn’s from that time words like tough, hard and competitor keep coming up over and over again. Years on Redcliffe’s Troy Lindsay and the only man to play more Intrust Super Cup games than Coburn said “If you’re playing the Jets; Cobes will be coming hard and it will be all game.”

The respect Coburn has earned from 13 years of Intrust Super Cup extends to both sides of half way with team mate Brendan Lindsay who played with Coburn in the 2002 Grand Final side saying “Cobs was a true leader in every sense of the word a family man. Who is one of a few one club men in the Intrust Super Cup history.”

Off the field Luxury Paints Ipswich Jets’ Chairman Steven Johnson speaks of Coburn like a father speaks about a son. Steven Johnson often talks to young players about the legend that is Danny Coburn. He speaks with reverence of the Luxury Paints Ipswich Jets being a great club as its jersey is passed down from generation to generation by good people to other good people; a jersey that has been woven from the fabric made from the blood sweat and tears of its past champions like its greatest ever player Danny Coburn.

Steve said Danny embodied all that is the Ipswich Jets; tough, uncompromising, never beaten but humble and caring and challenges the current Jets to be one of those good people.

Danny spent 13 seasons wearing the jersey as he worked with the next generation of Jets as Steve says so they understand who the Jets are, teaching them what the Jets do and reminding them what the Jets won’t do, and getting them ready to earn the right to wear his beloved jersey.

Steve believes Danny was a true leader of men who inspired him to do more in the club and he learnt much from Danny over the years about; loyalty, commitment and family values.

The esteem the Ipswich Jets hold Coburn was obvious when in 2009 the Jets named their Club Man of the year award after Coburn. The inaugural winner of the Dan Coburn Club Man of the year Matthew Barradeen: “Winning that award, and particularly the first one, meant so much to me. Growing up with these guys they become family to you, especially Cobes. I always admire his courage on the field, his sportsmanship but most of all I used to see how he was as a father when he brought Tyler and Lochie to training and always aspired to be like him. I’ll always remember him and Tyler presenting me the award and how it felt to be recognised by a friend and a hero of mine.”

Danny Coburn’s legacy at the Jets is strong, you play and train hard, you respect your club and opponents and you look after your family. If any young Jet needs a role model or an example set you don’t need to look any further than Danny Coburn- the greatest Jet ever.