Llewellyn Motors Ipswich Jets BMD Premiership Coaching Staff for 2023

Club Statement

Llewellyn Motors Ipswich Jets BMD Premiership Coaching Staff for 2023

Thursday 17th Nov 2022, 03:06 PM

The Ipswich Jets announce Llewellyn Motors Ipswich Jets BMD Premiership Coaching Staff for 2023

The TAE Aerospace Ipswich Jets have great delight in confirming our Coaching staff for our Llewellyn Motors BMD Women’s Premiership team. The Ipswich Jets are rewarding the hard work and efforts of two great local coaches who have done an extraordinary job coaching the women’s game in the South East Queensland. Two coaches who’s involvement and experience in the game has seen their team, the Goodna Eagles, make the finals for the past four years, taking home the SEQ Women’s Holcim Cup for Goodna in 2022.

We are therefore thrilled to announce Vili Leaunoa and Roger Eliu as our Co-Head Coaches of the Ipswich Jets BMD Premiership team. Bringing their passion and experience of the game to the Jets.

Richard Hughes CEO of the Ipswich Jets said; “This was the opportunity to give Roger and Vili a promotion to QRL State-Wide competitions after the tremendous work they have done over the last four years with the Goodna Eagles. With consecutive finals appearances and the 2022 Premiership win, we want to reward our local Ipswich talent and open the doors to experience higher levels of Rugby League and this will be the case with Roger and Vili.” “We welcome them to the Ipswich Jets and the great history this club has and the history they will make moving forward.”

Vili Leaunoa said “I am excited to have the task of coaching a mix of experienced campaigners along with the stars or tomorrow. “The chance to also learn and mix with other coaches within the club is an exciting opportunity.”

Roger Eilu added; “I am looking forward to helping our female players with their game, using my experience and knowledge I’ve learnt over the years within the Goodna women’s team.” “I am hoping to help our players get exposure to the NRLW as there is so much talent here in the Ipswich corridor that should be playing at a National level.”

The Ipswich Jets BMD Women’s team commence training today, whilst still waiting on a finalised draw and licence confirmation from the QRL, but are looking forward to helping develop the female Ipswich talent with the opportunity to play quality state representative rugby league.