Mal Meninga Squad 2017

The Ipswich Jets would like to congratulate all who trialled for the 2017 Mal Meninga season.
Congratulations to the following who have been selected for the squad!

Henry Ara
Brian Burton
Tmax Dixon
Sione Feáo
Tausaga Foaí
Mana Fox-Swney
Sinbad Fruean
Bernetti Graf
Brayden Hall
Cody Hazard
Nicholas Hull
Anthony Itiri
Frank Kuresa
Monson Lang Sui
Wilson MalaEsclia
Trent Manihera-Paul
Folau Matangi
Nicholas Nelu
Luke Peel
Lachlan Postle
Brandon Russell
Mike Sau
AJ Sausoo
Adam Smidt
Luke Sorensen
Treymain Spry
Dion Tavita-Matavale
Lochlan Turnbull
John Vairoa
Sagalimu(junior) Vaitai
Regan  Wilde
Tommy Wolf


Additional Notes:
•         Exact dates for Preseason and training nights will be confirmed shortly and communicated to players
•         This squad will train 3 nights per week + Sat mornings at Len Johnson Oval (Jets Training Facilities)
•         Preseason will be approximately 4 or 5 weeks long and start late November and train right up to Christmas week
•         Players area expected to arrive at preseason training in good physical shape for testing
•         Players that have an issues with being able to commit to any of the above points need to contact Todd Riggs (Coach) on 0423 507 195