OPINION: Ipswich Jets rich in soul and spirit.

OPINION: Ipswich Jets rich in soul and spirit.

THERE is no greater sporting organisation in Australia than the Ipswich Jets.

That may seem on the surface to be a grandiose claim.

But how do you measure ‘greatness’?

Certainly not in terms of monetary wealth. FIFA is proof of that.

The Jets are by no means a rich club financially, but find me a club richer in soul and spirit.

The Jets, in a joint effort with Souths-Logan, took an Intrust Super Cup clash to Cherbourg on the weekend in a venture that will do lasting good for years to come.

Sure, they played footy, and the Jets won 50-20. But the trip provided valuable health, vocational and educational benefits for the Cherbourg community that was months in the planning.

Jets captain Keiron Lander was heavily involved with the Deadly Choices program for Indigenous people.

The Jets believe rugby league is more than a game. They use sport to bring lasting benefits to the Ipswich community, and the towns they visit.

It is a big picture vision and they walk the talk. We see that on a regular basis with the highly successful theme days the club spends countless hours organising.

It is why players come to the Jets and improve as men, not just footballers. The Jets are in contention to win a maiden Cup title this year, but they will be winners regardless.

Thank you to Joel for such a great article.