Round 8 – Jets to take on Dolphins – Preview by Michael Nunn

Ipswich Jets v Redcliffe Dolphins at North Ipswich Reserve on Saturday, April 28 – 3pm

Ipswich Jets

1. Michael Purcell 2. Marmin Barba 3. Pio Seci 17. Rory Humphreys 5. Wes Conlon 6. Julian Christian 7. Dane Phillips 8. Tyson Lofipo 21. Kierran Moseley 10. Nat Neale (c) 11. Ben White 12. Seb Pandia 13. Ben Shea 4. Sam Caslick 9. Jayden Connors 15. Huskie Teutau 16. Rowan Winterfield 19. Mitch Carpenter

Coach: Ben Walker and Shane Walker

Redcliffe Dolphins

1. Tony Tumusa 2. Jonus Pearson 3. Kotoni Staggs 4. Scott Schulte 5. Jeremy Hawkins 6. Joshua Fauid 7. Cameron Cullen (c) 8. James Taylor 9. Sheldon Pitama 10. Sam Anderson 11. Toby Rudolf 12. Jamil Hopoate 13. Samson Graham 16. Tom Geraghty 15. Nathan Watts 17. Hugh Pratt 25. Trai Fuller

Coach: Adam Mogg

Last time they played:

REDCLIFFE DOLPHINS 28 (Joshua Beehag, Jonus Pearson, Troy Giess, Moses Pangai, Benji Marshall, Christian Hazard tries; Joshua Beehag 2 goals) defIPSWICH JETS 20 (Wes Conlon, Michael Purcell, Nathan Gaulton, Richard Pandia tries; Luke Capewell 2 goals) at Dolphin Oval.

HEAD TO HEAD:Dolphins 28 Jets 15


The Jets v Dolphins, the Jets coming off a one point win and the Dolphins a big win over the Cutters and five wins in a row. The Jets have not clashed with the Dolphins in Ipswich since round 23 2016. The Dolphins came away with the win that day 34-24. Head to head the Dolphins have it over the Jets 28 to 15 while at the Jets’ home ground the Redcliffe Dolphins are in front 10 wins to 8; Ipswich has not had a win over the Dolphins at home since round 26 2014 when the Jets won 30-24.

The last time the Jets beat the Dolphins was round eight in 2015 at Dolphin Oval when the Jets won 42-28. The Dolphins have scored 179 points this season compared to the Jets 133. That is a 46-point win to the Dolphins. In defence, the Jets have allowed 150 points to the Dolphins 107 points. That is 43 points less to the Dolphins.


The Dolphins are doing well and it is going to be a challenge to stop them. They have won five games in a row and have lost one game away from home this year. The win against Mackay showed they could wait and pick their time to strike. The Cutters scored first but by the time they scored again, the Dolphins had scored three times and won 6 tries to two.


This would have been the fullback v fullback match that would have brought people through the gate. Purcell v Tumusa.

Tumusa leads the ISC for kick return metres with 306. Nearly twice as many as Purcell on 187m. Tumusa has 35 tackle breaks. If the Jets do not chase the kicks, they will be chasing Tumusa. Tony leads the Dolphins for tries too with five.


The Dolphins man in charge is Cullen, he loves a run and step inside if the opposition come across. He can get into dummy half too and be off if given a chance. Cullen kicks and chases kicks, passes and gets the Dolphins around the field. Hopoate off Cullen will be a feature. Cullen pops up all over the place.


After 25 games for the Broncos in the Under 20’s, with 12 tries and 23 goals he’s been moved to ISC and is making a great move of it. Staggs is the ISC second leading points scorer with 68 points. From 28 goals.


It is hard not to just talk about the Jets forwards this year; they have been sensational. I predicted at the start of the season that the Jets would be led well this year and have new punch through the middle and it has pretty much come to be so far.


Shea was flu riddled and sick at the Sunshine Coast but found a way to make ground. He topped the Jets with 177 metres. I have watched Shea at half time and he is very quiet and deliberate in his actions. Talking to his forwards and showing real leadership. Shea now leads the Intrust Super Cup for metres with 1149 metres from 115 hit ups. It is a big wrap but Shea has a Keiron Lander quality about him.


Pandia has now won three of the Jets 7 player’s player awards; he is just storming through teams. He is offloading- 21 times to be leading the Intrust Super Cup, breaking tackles 38 also leading the Intrust Super Cup, running 121 times- yep leading the competition and making metres 1102 which puts him in second.


Moseley is starting to find a home at the Jets, he ran five times last week and when he did it brought the Jets forward. The more involved he is the more momentum the Jets take into the set. He has made important tackles in the middle and he moves across the ground plugging gaps that come up.

The Dolphins at home, great chance to make a statement for the Jets. The Dolphins are in form and you never want to lose at home. The Jets needs to start winning games in clumps. That is how you build momentum and move up the table.