TAE Aerospace Ipswich Jets and TAFE Queensland Unleash Exciting Educational Program

TAE Aerospace Ipswich Jets and TAFE Queensland Unleash Exciting Educational Program

Friday 30th Jun 2023, 03:27 PM

In June 2023, the TAE Aerospace Ipswich Jets and TAFE Queensland are proud to launch the Ipswich Jets TAFE at School Program – an initiative aimed at empowering high school players through an immersive coaching qualification integrated into their secondary school journey. This program presents an opportunity for rugby league and netball talents commencing in years 10 and 11 to refine their game skills and knowledge while also enhancing their employability prospects post-graduation. With a commitment to nurturing athletic growth and unlocking future career pathways, this program opens doors for student and player success.

Students in the Ipswich Jets TAFE at School Program will undertake the Certificate II and III in Sport Coaching in a supportive learning environment led by specialised educators. The course includes an all-inclusive curriculum with units touching on essential coaching techniques, sport conditioning, player development strategies, and sports management skills. The accepted students will be exposed to netball and rugby league specific training and have the chance to undertake regular strength and conditioning for their athlete development as part of the program. The combination of practical training for netball and rugby league players and theoretical expertise will equip students with the tools and skills to achieve success in the sporting industry.

A highlight of the program is that students will be able to attend their sessions one day a week throughout the two-year period at the North Ipswich Reserve. This weekly session will replace a regular school day and allow students to fully dedicate a day of learning to the program. Richard Hughes, the CEO of Ipswich Jets, stated, “The TAE Aerospace Ipswich Jets are excited to partner with TAFE Queensland in the delivery of this program and see this as another avenue for young people to be involved in both Rugby League and Netball. Coaches are so influential and can really impact athletes beyond their on-field or on-court success and to be able to be part of the journey not only for athletes but now for potential young coaches is very exciting”.

Jesse O’Hara, Manager, Academy of Sport Partnerships at TAFE Queensland stated “The Jets play a significant role across the region as a beacon and pathway for junior players on the rise. Being able to partner with the club to deliver this program will open more opportunities for players while feeding back to grassroots sport as graduates will be equipped to take on coaching and administration roles.”

Applications for the “Ipswich Jets TAFE at School Program” will open on July 17, 2023, and the program is set to commence in the first term of 2024. Students who will be commencing in year 10 or 11 in 2024, who have a passion for rugby League or netball and a desire to pursue a career in the sports industry are encouraged to apply.

For more information about the program, or to make an enquiry visit the TAFE Queensland Academy of Sport page.

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