The Savige Pest Control Ipswich Jets Intrust Super Cup Round Eight Preview

The Savige Pest Control Ipswich Jets Intrust Super Cup Round Eight Preview


ROUND EIGHT – Glenholme Park, Toowoomba


OVERALL RECORD – Seagulls 24 Jets 19 – three draws


2019: Wynnum 32 Ipswich 8 (BMD Kougari Oval)
2018: Wynnum 30 Ipswich 24 (BMD Kougari Oval)
2017: Ipswich 30 Wynnum 18 (North Ipswich Reserve)
2016: Wynnum 30 Ipswich 22 (North Ipswich Reserve)
2016: Ipswich 28 Wynnum 16 (BMD Kougari Oval)


A trip to the Garden City Toowoomba on Sunday but I can’t imagine the Jets or Wynnum will be too interested in picking flowers.

The Jets haven’t beaten Wynnum since round 12 in 2017 when they won 30-18 at North Ipswich.

Overall Wynnum lead the Jets 24 wins to 19 with three draws.

The Seagulls are flying high over the rest of the Intrust Super Cup at the moment and have accumulated seven wins from seven cracks.

Wynnum would be the form team of the competition with the best attack and defence. The Seagulls will be raging favourites with 42 tries compared to the Jets 24. In defence the Seagulls have let in a miserly 114 points at an average of 16 per game.

The Jets are averaging 36 points against and will be marking down this week to fix the lapses in the defensive line.

Toowoomba has had a rich league history since 1909 and this week the Jets and Wynnum will add to it again.

The Jets have played eight times in Toowoomba, seven times against the Clydesdales and once against Wynnum in 2013.

The Jets had two wins and fives losses against Toowoomba in the Intrust Super Cup in Toowoomba and beat Wynnum 28-22 in 2013 after being behind 16-0 just before half time.

Six of the Jets games in Toowoomba were at Athletic Oval and two at Newtown.


If I was going to list my favourite sights in league then a fullback flying back at the line with a fend and footwork would he high.

Selwyn Cobbo played Mal Meninga for the Falcons in 2019 and Wynnum in 2020, this year the expectation was Colts with a few Intrust Super Cup sprinkled on top.

Well Cobbo went bang and has now played six Intrust games for three tries, and 31 tackle breaks.

His last two metres gained efforts have been 200 metres against his old team the Falcons and 214 against the Capras.

Oh and 20 tackle breaks in two weeks. There is that too.

Jack Campagnolo started with the Pride and moved to Wynnum where he has been doing good things for the Seagulls at half back.

Campagnolo has kicked 27 goals this season and has 54 points.

His kicking game in general play has been strong forcing four line drop outs. His real strength has been making play for others.

Six-line break assists have meant that his outside backs are getting quality ball

His 10 tackle breaks shows he’s digging in.

A hooker with six tries in seven games, that’s how well Jayden Berrell is going for Wynnum. The hooker is a constant threat.

Two tries in 51 minutes in the Seagulls last game against the Falcons means he making a difference to the contest when he gets out there.

The Jets markers will be on high alert for Berrell.

TC Robati has a cool name but he’s also playing cool football. The young Broncos second rower is offloading his way to stardom.

After only six games TC has 17 offloads and breaks tackles like the big kid playing in the backyard with his much younger brother.

He has the 38th most tackle breaks in the Intrust Super Cup.


Jets excitement machine is Jordan Carriera, Carriera is warming nicely this season and has now played six games and two tries.

His three-line breaks and nine tackle breaks is just below the surface of what could happen if Carriera can get some early ball and use his footwork and speed.

Carriera showed against the Capras how he can break tackles and create space for himself and the Jets around him.

For the Ratu Jope Rotavisoro try and the Rich Pandia try Carriera showed great evasive skills and passing.

The Jets dynamic back row duo of Tyler Coburn and Zac Hetherington are making a difference to the Jets.

Both Hetherington and Coburn were excellent against the Bears. In a game where the forwards dominated the scoring with seven of the nine tries- Coburn and Hetherington both got tries and both played 80 minutes.

Hetherington topped the Jets tackle count with 31.

I have never seen two better examples of learned behaviour- both players play like their fathers. Even when things are not going their way they’re great effort players.

Coburn has now made 155 tackles at 89% in eight games while Hetherington has made 173 at 90% in seven games.

Hetherington comes in 22nd in the Intrust Super Cup for tackles made and Coburn 39th.


Tyson Lopfipo needs four points for 100 points for Jets – 24 tries.
Rich Pandia 10 points for 150 points – 35 tries
Julian Christian six points for 100 points – 23 tries and one goal
Keirren Moseley one game to 50 for Jets.