Walker brothers happy to help out

Courtesy of David Lems at The Queensland Times.

IPSWICH Jets rugby league co-coach Ben Walker was pleased to hear the city’s leading basketball team benefited from a video and training session.

“Our place is always open to anyone who wants to come along and have a look,” Walker said.

“I don’t know whether we helped or not but I hope we did.”

Force head coach Mick Conlon certainly thought so.

Walker said helping other Ipswich teams was particularly satisfying.

“It was good to have a yarn to them (Force coaches Conlon, Nick Such and Colby Stefanovic) and I always enjoy talking to coaches from other sports,” Walker said. “You can learn a lot from each other.”

Walker said he was “fortunate enough” six or seven years ago to benefit from a similar opportunity.

That was spending two days with the Geelong Cats AFL side and coach Mark Thompson. “I got a lot out of that,” Walker said.

“Even talking to Mick, Nick and Colby, you pick things up that you might be able to use.

“Hopefully they learnt something.”