Club Statement Regarding the Resumption of the Sapphire and Ruby Series State Competition

It is with great excitement that we can confirm that Netball Queensland, following appropriate advice and the implementation of strict guidelines, is resuming the season for both the Sapphire and Ruby Series State Competitions from the weekend of 15 August 2020.

Over the last six weeks, we have very much been focused on adapting the club and getting ready for a season that could have commenced at any time. I am proud to say that the leadership team within our netball structure, all came together with very short notice and were ready to press the go button to get all of our players, team structure and a strategy prepared and ready, to take us through to the first game.

Obviously there will be a new way to do the things we used to take for granted but all of the girls and support staff are committed to embrace these changes as they understand it is imperative to do so for their own health and wellbeing, of those around them, their family, and friends. Whilst the news on a daily basis concerning COVID-19 seems to be constantly improving, complacency is dangerous, so we are always going to be alert. Ultimately, their welfare as people is still our number one concern, over anything you they may do on court.

On behalf of everyone associated with our wonderful club, we know we have the best in the league in expertise coaching and supporting the girls and they themselves are wonderful ambassadors of both the sport and the club. We feel fortunate that they will get to show off the results of all of their hard work in the off season and cannot wait to see them on court in 2020!

Richard Hughes