Switch City Committee

The Switch City Committee is where our most committed fans end up.

Founded in 2019 by long-time supporters of the club, the Switch City Committee was created, to ensure that like many big clubs around the world, the Ipswich Jets had a group of fans that would live and breathe every moment and follow their team through the highs and lows of a season. Always there, always vocal, always supportive.

As the 2019 season went on, the group grew in size week after week, with supporters who would travel far and wide, to support the boys both home and away. Their sea of green shirts became a sight to behold and often became our 18th man, when we needed that extra edge over our opponents.

This is still run and overseen by passionate Ipswich Jets fans who volunteer their time free of charge. As a club, we are very much behind what they are doing and would encourage anyone to join up and be part of this group. Young or old, local or not, you couldn’t get a better experience than from being with this group of passionate, family friendly, fans. In addition, all members of the Switch City Committee have access to exclusive offers only made available to them, access to players (restrictions apply) and free entry to your first game. You even get a green wig to wear! And best of all, it is free!


Simply fill in the form below and someone will get in touch to get you started: