Falcons put scare through Jets

It was a throwback to the football of the 80’s in the Intrust Super Cup game at Stockland Stadium with a low scoring game between the Ipswich Jets and the Sunshine Coast Falcons.

The only thing it was missing was a kicking dual, moustaches and a George Symons suit winner. It was a dour game with attacking options limited by greasy wet conditions and spoiling defence.

The improving Sunshine Coast Falcons play above their weight every week, scratching clawing their way closer to their first win of the year. The Falcons frustrated the Jets and didn’t allow them to get moving in a stop start, penalty-ridden first half.

While plenty of chances presented themselves, passes or the last man just couldn’t be found by both teams.

At half time the only points taken was a penalty goal by the Falcons’ Brett Doherty, sending the home team to the break with a 2-0 lead.

The Jets had lost returning front-rower Rowen Winterfield due a neck injury at the break and would play the remaining 40 minutes a man down. The Falcons were also a player short after losing halfback David Oakes to a nasty leg injury.

At half time the Jets message was all about discipline and ruthlessness, and in the second half the Jets addressed several issues in attack by straightening the runners up and allowing Matt Parcell and Troy O’Sullivan to get out of dummy half and direct the runners around them.

Nemani Valekapa got the Jets on the scoreboard with 25 minutes to go when he crossed on the left hand side and Marmin Barba converted to let the Jets take the lead 6-2.

Five minutes later Valekapa was on his way again, moving across the field from left to right as he beat five defenders only to have the ball knocked out of his hand as he went to ground it.

Parcell started to make inroads with a tired Falcons’ defence retreating and he was caught high in front of the posts. The Jets took the two points and Barba didn’t miss to take the Jets to an 8-2 lead with 10 left in the game.

With four minutes left on the clock the Jets were awarded another shot at goal and Barba again took the option to add two points from 40m out that sealed the win for the Jets 10-2.

The Jets’ underrated back-row of Sam Martin and Josh Seage both performed well defending their edge all night while the Sunshine Coast’s Rueben Baillie got through a mountain of work for the Falcons.

IPSWICH JETS 10 (Nemani Valekapa try; Marmin Barba 3 goals) def SUNSHINE COAST FALCONS 2 (Brett Doherty goal) at Stockland Stadium.

Final teams

Sunshine Coast Falcons: 1. Sam Wright 2. Joe Meninga 3. Rowan Klein 4. Callum Klein 5. Kyle Van Klaveren 6. Brett Doherty 7. David Oakes 8. Mboya Adams 9. Matt Gilliman 10. Ryan Hansen (c) 11. Jaz Nahu-Main 12. Rueben Baillie 13. Jacob Samoa 14. Jay Lobwein 15. James Leavai 18. Paul McKewin 17. Mitch Ebdon

Ipswich Jets: 1. Javarn White 2. Kurt Capewell 3. Nemani Valekapa 4. Brendon Marshall 5. Carlin Anderson 6. Josh Cleeland 7. Dane Phillips 8. Kurtis Lingwoodock 9. Troy O’Sullivan 10. Rowan Winterfield 11. Josh Seage 12. Sam Martin 13. Keiron Lander (c) 14. Billy McConnachie 18. Marmin Barba 19. Ben White 22. Matt Parcell

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