Ipswich Jets CEO appointed

The Ipswich Jets today announced the appointment of Mr Richard Hughes as its CEO.

The Chair Mr Steven Johnson said that Mr Hughes is one of the most important signings in the Club’s history bringing to the Club a level of business and governance skill set never seen before in a sports club. He added that Mr Hughes‘ proven track record convinced the Board, from an incredibly talented group of applicants, that he is the right person to lead the Jets as we expand and take our community focussed brand into Netball and Touch Rugby League.

Like our players Mr Hughes wanted to be a Jet and be part of our values and give back to the great city of Ipswich Mr Johnson said which impressed the Board.

Mr Hughes said that he wanted to move into Sports Administration and to be able to do so with an iconic team like the Ipswich Jets was an amazing opportunity for him.

Mr Hughes wants the Club to stay relevant and exciting but to stay an inclusive club that always puts the person before the player. Mr Hughes said that his focus will be to create the best environment by bringing to the Club financial sustainability and strong governance so the Walker Brothers and the team can continue to excite the Ipswich fans.

Mr Johnson said that Mr Hughes job will be made easier by his being supported by the Clubs Corporate and Community Engagement Manager Mrs Nicole McPhee who will continue in that role as well as becoming the Chief Operating Officer of Ipswich Jets Netball and our team in the Qld Sapphire Series in 2019 (Netball’s equivalent to the Intrust Super Cup).

About the Ipswich Jets

The Jets are the premiere sports club in Ipswich fielding teams in the elite statewide competitions in Rugby League and Netball. In 2015 the Jets were the best Rugby League team outside of the NRL winning the Intrust Super Cup and the NRL State Championship.

About Richard Hughes

Mr Hughes is a multiple award winning businessperson who has been the Event Producer of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Special Events Manager of the Westmead Childrens Hospital, the CEO of the Children’s Tumour Foundation and the Senior Fundraising Manager of Multicap Limited.