Jets launch bid for back-to-back finals

THREE wins on the trot has the Ipswich Jets FOGS Cup team into the top four for the first time since the start of the season.

It is beginning to look reminiscent to last year when the Jets finished the season with a flurry after an indifferent start, sneaking into the finals then charging through to the grand final.

Last weekend’s win was the most comfortable – 40-6 over bottom placed Carina at Langlands Park.

It came after victories over top two sides Wynnum Manly and Redcliffe.

“We played pretty much the perfect first half,” coach Ian Lacey said.

“It’s hard to keep your discipline against a team that’s not offering much but we ran away with it at the end.

“We got the result and that’s all you can ask for.”

The win has the Jets in fifth on the ladder, one win behind Norths and Easts with a trip to Norths looming on Sunday.

It is a match they will approach with confidence given their recent form.

“The boys are starting to realise that when they hold the ball they’re an outstanding footy team.”

Previously, the team had been competing well for periods, before getting away from the game plan and paying the price, according to the coach. Now the message is being firmly adhered to and results are proving it is the right approach.

The change has not come about from anything indifferent Lacey hss been telling them.

Instead, he thinks it is partly to do with the increased authority his halves pairing is exerting over the team.

“We’ve got good leaders in the halves in Kevvy Bell and Chris Ash,” Lacey said.

“They’re good talkers and good communicators for the boys.

“The players are really starting to step into their roles.

“I can tell them till I’m blue in the face but it has more value if it’s coming from the team leaders.

“The boys are following them now.”

Lacey said it was a full team effort on Sunday, but skipper Bell and wingers Pat McCallum and Luke Pollock received extra praise.

“Kevvy Bell controlled the game brilliantly,” Lacey said.

“Both wingers work hard.

“They get in to carry the ball up and their kick-chase is phenomenal, putting pressure on their fullback.”

The Jets FOGS Cup team in recent seasons has always seemed to take half the year to find its feet before giving the competition a shake and 2014 is no different.

“We have a bit of confidence in our structures and ability as a team,” Lacey said of what has changed from the team that only won one of its first six matches.

“At the start of the year we were rotating, with a big squad, which creates inconsistencies.

“Our defence is really strong, which comes from the style of the Cup team.

“When we hold the ball we’re a really strong football team.”

Article Courtesy of the QT