Jets raise funds for Cyclone Ravaged Tiliva

The Savige Pest Control Ipswich Jets have come together to support one of their own, as Nemani Velekapa and his wife Vasemaca help rebuild their home village in Fiji. In Early April the Island of Kadavu and their village Tiliva, was decimated by Cyclone Harold. Out of 43 homes in the village, 26 homes were partly damaged and another 13 completely destroyed leaving their family hugely affected by this tragedy.

Nemani Velekapa came to the Jets in the 2012 pre-season and has since played 104 game in the Intrust Super Cup and scored 47 tries. The Intrust Super Cup Manager Wade Glass said, “Nemani is a real club and family man and is a big part of the club culture. When we heard the news, we knew we had to come together as a club, to do something to help him and his family”.

The Jets created a GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds to purchase every day necessities and care packs for the Tiliva community, raising more than $1200 in just a matter of days.

Vasemaca Velekapa said, “on behalf of our family and the people of Tiliva, we would like to thank the club and everyone that has supported us during this tough time. We have managed to purchase groceries for the whole village and put together packs which include blankets, pillows, cups and plates for those families who have completely lost their homes. In this difficult time that we are going through, the best we could do is look out for each other, so thank you once again for all the support and the people of Tiliva Village had also sent their Big Vinaka Vaka levu (Thank you very much).