Luxury Paints Ipswich Jets Press Release

Ipswich Jets v CQ Capras
North Ipswich Reserve on Saturday, July 2 – 4pm

Ipswich Jets

1. Wesley Conlon 2. Michael Purcell 3. Ben White 4. Nemani Valekapa 5. Richard Pandia 14. Christopher Ash 7. Dane Phillips (c) 22. Tyson Lofipo 19. Mikaere Beattie 16. William McConnachie 21. Jesse Roberts 11. Samuel Martin 10. Nathaniel Neale 6. Haydan Lipp 12. Liam Capewell 13. Fakahoko Teutau 15. Sebastian Pandia

Coach: Ben Walker and Shane Walker

CQ Capras

1. Reece Baker 5. Adam Henry 4. Justin Tavae 3. Brandon Manase 2. Junior Kirisome 6. Maipele Morseau 7. Matthew Minto 8. Gavin Hiscox (c) 9. Joshua Mitchell 10. Jack Kavanagh 12. William Cullen 11. Moli Filipo 13. Samson Graham 14. Ayden Cooper 15. Peter Gallen 16. Galo Mariner 18. Charles Bouzinac 19. Aleki Falepaini 21. Victor Halfpenny

Coach: Kim Williams

Last time they played round three 2016

CQ CAPRAS 23 (Matthew Minto 2, Reece Baker tries; Ian Webster 4, Matthew Minto goals; Matthew Minto field goal) def IPSWICH JETS 14 (Sebastian Pandia, Nemani Valekapa, Richard Pandia tries; Carlin Anderson goal) at Browne Park.


Head-to-Head: Ipswich 25 Central 12 Drawn 1

Round 17

The Ipswich Jets have a rich Indigenous Australian history and that will be celebrated this Saturday with the Jets wearing an indigenous jersey. The Oval on Saturday will have indigenous dancers, stalls and a game between Cherbourg Hornets and Kingaroy Red Ants.

The Jets are currently on 14 points while the Capras are on 14 as well. The Jets are well rested coming off the bye while the Capras have had a hard hit out against the Bears in Rockhampton.

The Capras this year have scored 316 points and had 458 points against them this is a points differential of -142

While the Jets have scored 332 points and had 377 points against them.

The Jets have the advantage in both attack and defence.

The Capras have scored 60 and let in 83 this year while the Jets have scored 62 and let in 62 tries this year.

The Capras got the win over the Jets earlier this year for only the 12th time.

At Ipswich the Capras have won three, Jets 10 with one draw. The Jets have won the last five in a row.

Junior Kirisome has scored nine tries for the Capras while Matt Minto has kicked 27 goals this year.

For the Jets Carlin Anderson has scored eight tries and Hayden Lipp 22 goals.

Central Queensland

It won’t surprise many when the Jets focus this week is Matt Minto. Minto will do everything except wash the jumpers and drive the bus.

The Jets will need to apply kick pressure to Minto. He kicked 12 times last time they played against the Jets finding 341 metres for his side and finding space three times.

Minto received the ball 65 times in round three and passed 46 times against the Jets. In summary Minto does a lot of work.

Minto scored two tries, two goals, one field goal, two line breaks, and four tackle breaks.

The Capras will start with big bodies going to the line giving Minto options. If the Jets’ defence doesn’t stay square, work from the inside and get up then Minto will find his runners and then you have big men on little men at the back

The Capras will start on fire, with enthusiasm. The Jets will need to weather the storm and get through it before they can answer back with football too.

The Capras don’t have a great record at the Reserve having not won at North Ipswich since 2006.

Ipswich Jets

The Jets are coming off the bye and a well-earned rest. It is the Jets’ first bye for the year and the two points was just as handy as the break.

The trip to Rockhampton in round three didn’t have a great result it was the first time the Jets have lost to the Capras since 2010.

The Jets had 53% of the ball, made 7 line breaks to 3, missed one less tackle than the Capras but the Capras had 11 more completed sets.

The Jets have won two games in a row now against Norths and the Blackhawks. It’s the first time this year the Jets have won two games in a row.

The Norths win showed resilience with a two man bench, the Townsville win showed toughness against a side that had previously only lost once at home.

The Townsville game showed great signs for the Jets.

They started well, leading 10-0 after as many minutes but even when the Blackhawks came back into the game the Jets didn’t panic and stayed focused on what they had to do.

The Jets had 54% of the ball against the Blackhawks made three more line breaks, and missed 23 less tackles.

The Jets had some great performances against the top of the table Blackhawks.

Jessie Roberts was outstanding playing the whole 80 minutes and completing seven off-loads.

Chris Ash was targeted by the big Blackhawks and made 17 tackles for 0 misses.

Michael Purcell was outstanding with 18 tackle breaks, two tries, 143 meters, and one off-load.

I’ve had the theory that the Jets’ halves and hooker or spine aren’t attacking as frequently as previously so I compared this year to last year

2015 halves

Dane Phillips 110 runs from 25 games- 4.4 per game

Josh Cleeland 192 runs from 27 games- 7.1 per game

Dane Phillips 841m- 33m per game

Josh Cleeland- 1822m- 67m per game

10 tries each- 20 tries.

Now compared to 2016.

Dane Phillips 38 runs from 14 games- 2.7per game.

Chris Ash 2 runs from 5 games- .4 per game.

Hayden Lipp 98 runs from 14 games- 7 per game.

Dane Phillips-250m 17.8m per game.

Chris Ash- 69m- 1.3m per game.

Hayden Lipp- 874m 62m per game.

6 tries- 3 each to Dane Phillips and Hayden Lipp.


Matt Parcell 175 runs from 20 games- 8.75 runs per game.

Landon Hayes 66 runs from 12 games- 5.5 runs per game.

Landon Hayes averages more meters though.

Matt Parcell 757m- 37.85m per game.

Landon Hayes 462m – 38m per game.

Matt Parcell- 19 tries.

Jets are yet to score a try from a dummy half this season.

The Jets’ spine is still playing well, but maybe not attacking and taking the opposition on as much as previously. I hope they do plenty of it on Saturday.

This is the game for the Jets and their halves to stand up, only three home games left, they’ve won two in a row looking for three and they have a chance to get on the back of a great win against the Blackhawks.