Official Statement Regarding COVID-19 Verse Townsville Blackhawks 14 March 2020

At the Ipswich Jets, we take the welfare of all our players, staff, fans and corporate partners, very seriously. With that in mind, we have been closely monitoring the current situation relating to COVID-19 and whilst it is indeed a dynamic situation, the current advice we are working on, is that the game against Townsville Blackhawks in round one, will take place as scheduled.

However, we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that everyone stays as safe as possible and providing an environment that, to the best of our ability, limits any potential risk.

We will have additional hand sanitisers around the ground tomorrow and ask that you regularly wash your hands as hand hygiene is extremely important in preventing the virus from entering your system. Please ensure that you are washing your hands often (the recommended time frame is every 15 minutes) and try to refrain from touching your face, mouth and nose as these are the direct entry points into your system for the virus.

We will also be changing over the sauce self service area of the canteen tomorrow, to allow us to serve you directly and minimize sharing of condiments.

In addition to these measures, I am sure you can appreciate that these considerations also extend to our playing group, to ensure their welfare on and off the field is another one of our priorities. Therefore, tomorrow, the players will have limited contact with fans and supporters in comparison to normal, as they tend to attract a lot of attention from various large groups of people. This will see the players acknowledging fans from the field only i.e. no handshakes or greeting in the stands, limited access to changing rooms for authorised personnel only and when they are not playing, they will be in the corporate centre to watch the game.

As a rule, we strongly recommend that people that are unwell with cough or fever or other respiratory symptoms should not attend the game. This is particularly so, for people who have recently travelled from overseas.

I hope you understand that these are exceptional times, and that we have done all we can to make you feel comfortable and safe enough to come to the game and cheer on your Savige Pest Control Ipswich Jets in game one. Not only is it the launch of our season, but it is also a round that we have dedicated to acknowledging and thanking the first responders in our community, who do so much for the region, the state and the country. However, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 07 3202 1887 and one of our team would be happy to help.

Please be advised that as and when the situation changes, we will advise you appropriately and promptly, according to the advice we are given.

As always, thank you for your support and in this instance, your patience too!