Savige Pest Control Ipswich Jets and Townsville & Districts Mendi Blackhawks Fundraise for Flood Victims

Sunday 10 March, the day that launches season 2019 for Savige Pest Control Ipswich Jets against Townsville & Districts Mendi Blackhawks, will not only be Defence Force Appreciation Day at North Ipswich Reserve, but also a day to fundraise for the victims of the flood crisis that hit Townsville and North West Queensland some weeks ago.

Richard Hughes, CEO of the Savige Pest Control Ipswich Jets said, “when we realised our first game was against Townsville, the team all came together and knew what we had to do. When we reached out to The Townsville Blackhawks to discuss the initiative, they were equally excited and wanted to get involved”.

Justin Wilkins, CEO of the Townsville & Districts Mendi Blackhawks said, “there is no love lost when our two teams meet on the field but when Jets CEO Richard Hughes contacted me to discuss the idea it was greatly appreciated that a club so far away was willing to come together to help our region”.

Chairman of the SPCIJ, Mr Steve Johnson remarked. “In 2011, When we had our own flood crisis in the region, we remember how the rugby league community came together to help us. It is timely and only right, to return the help now, to our friends up north”.

Supported by the QRL, Channel 9 and the greater rugby league community, there will be opportunities to donate through the day, plus limited-edition shirts to bid on, with all proceeds going to the cause.

You can support this initiative by donating at and bid on the shirts from 7 am Sunday 10 March when the auction opens, through to Thursday 14 March at 7pm when the bidding will close. We ask that you support and share what is happening to raise as much money and awareness as possible.


About the Ipswich Jets

The Ipswich Jets are a premiere sports club in Ipswich fielding teams in the elite state-wide competitions in Rugby League and Netball. In 2015 the Jets were the best Rugby League Team outside the NRL winning the Intrust Super Cup and NRL State Championship.

About the Townsville Blackhawks

The Townsville & Districts Mendi Blackhawks first entered the Intrust Super Cup in 2015, winning the Minor Premiership in their first season and were runners up that season. The Townsville Blackhawks have established themselves as one of the power house clubs in the Intrust Super Cup and are the only club in the competition who have made the finals play offs in each of the four past seasons since entering the competition.

For more information contact:

Name: Justine Parisi

Ph: 07 3202 1887