Contract Direct Resource (CDR)

Home is Where the Heart Is

By Darren Hallesy

They say you should always get behind your local business in Ipswich, and it’s a connection with his favourite club that runs through the veins of proud sponsor Justin Reid from Contract Direct Resource (CDR).

While his company has only been going for less than a year, business is booming. Despite head office operating out of town, Justin still wears his Ipswich heart on his sleeve since making the move here five years ago from Western Australian.

“I live just up the road from the Ipswich Jets, and I think it’s just a really well-run club with a great business model and that’s something I admire,” Justin said. “They’ve made good business decisions in the last couple of years especially through the tough covid period when the competition was cancelled. Difficult choices had to be made to keep the club sustainable and now we see this is a great opportunity for us as a growing company to partner with a club on the up, especially in their 40th year Anniversary generating a greater buzz around the clubhouse this year. We as a new business and supporters of the Jets, are looking forward to being a part of that.”

CDR also appreciates the work and effort the Jets do off the field with such initiatives as the Deadly Choices Partnership and dedicating game days like remembering the 50th Anniversary Box Flat mine disaster. “These are just some of the community values the Jets support which also align with our business values, so the partnership ticks many boxes for us.”

The company came about when Justin and business partner Dan Cronin saw a gap in the rapidly expanding mining maintenance sector. “We found a demand in the mining industry when it comes to contractor/vendor management and trying keep quality contractors relevant and compliant for this type of work. Maintaining compliance and access to quality contractors are extremely important to our Industry, the CDR platform provides the solution to facilitate this process”.

“The mining industry predominately has full-time employees, but a percentage of that workforce consists of contractors. These people are usually armed with a specialised skill set and technical qualities that are highly sought after, so that’s where we come in. Providing flexibility to support our industry for expertise labour and the contractor still gets to manage their own business across multiple mining sites,” Justin said.

“Mining is as busy now as it ever has been especially coal, and everyone is flat out. We are going through a massive boom right now. The pandemic did impact mining a somewhat, but I’ve been in this industry for decades and genuinely have never seen it so busy.”

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