Sun Engineering

Pride in what they do.

As a sponsor of the Ipswich Jets, Sun Engineering is putting its pride into local sport, and supporting the community that they have served since 1975.

Working not only in Ipswich, but across Brisbane, Australia and the Pacific, Sun Engineering has large capacity fabrication, painting and construction facilities based here and a huge 22,000 square metre plant in China.

They are so big, they even own a fleet of cranes to support their manufacturing and construction projects.

In fact, if you have ever been to Suncorp Stadium to watch some league, union or soccer, then it’s been Sun Engineering that’s been keeping the rain off you as they did the roofing! Plus if you have ever admired the ‘Crown’ on the Q1 building. The Gold Coast’s tallest building, then you’re also admiring more of Sun Engineering’s work.

For 15 years the company has been a proud supporter of Ipswich Jets, as they have always believed in giving back to the community that supports them.

“The majority of our staff and their families are from Ipswich, and we’ve always wanted to support the wider community,” said Sourou Thenet from Sun Engineering which is based in Carole Park.

“One of the things we live by as a company is showing P.R.I.D.E. which for us means;

Play it Straight.
Respect Builds Success.
Improve and Innovate.
Deliver to Win Together.
Expect the Best.

“We have a lot of staff who have played with the jets and work at Sun, so we love to be able to help each other out, support each other and invest in local sport. This all al aligns with the club’s core values through the work they deliver within the community.”

Ipswich Jets Commercial Manager Nicole McPhee said that Sun Engineering has been a fantastic sponsor for a long time and is stoked to see their continued involvement.

”Having a big company like Sun Engineering in Ipswich is great for the Ipswich economy, and even better when they invest in the community, and local sport,” Ms McPhee said.

“We love having the team at Sun Engineering onboard at the Jets and look forward to continuing our great relationship.”

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